The Classic Typewriter Page

The Classic Typewriter Page es un espacio virtual de Richard Polt que contiene los siguientes contenidos:

Typewriter facts

A Brief History of Typewriters
Illustrated highlights.
Typewriter Spotlights
A writing machine gallery.
Remington Portables
More than you ever wanted to know about these little charmers.
Typewriter Parts
What to call the whatchamacallits.
Writers and their Typewriters
Authors’ favorites, past and present.
Are the Bush Documents Fakes?
An analysis of a footnote to the 2004 presidential election.
Frequently Asked Questions
“What’s my Woodstock worth?” and other inquiries.

Typewriter collecting and care

The Percy Smock Corner
Resources for the typewriter collector.
Basic Typewriter Restoration
How to make it shine.
Typewriter Manuals
The instructions you’ve been looking for.
Publicly Displayed Typewriters
Where to meet early writing machines in person.
Typewriter Repair Shops (new!)
Where to get it fixed.
My Own Collection
Writing machines I’ve amassed.
Ten Most Wanted Typewriters
An illustrated wish list.
Reviving a Hammond 1
The rebirth of an early gem.
The Typewriter Mailing Lists
Meet other fanatics.

Typewriter fun

The Typewriter Revolution
My forthcoming book about 21st-century typewriting.


The Typewriter Revolution blog(new!)
My typewritten blog about typewriting.
Typewriter Fonts
Make your computer write almost as beautifully as a typewriter does.
The Classic Typewriter Page Store
Pictures of beautiful writing machines on all sorts of products.
Typewriter Tributes
Real writers tell us why manual typewriters are still the way to do it.
Typology: A Phenomenology of Early Typewriters
The metaphysical significance of writing machines.



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